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757 – Course Section With No Teacher of Record With No Students Enrolled

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A course section with no students enrolled in it has neither a Teacher of Record reported nor a valid Course Staff ID Override record. If you intend to use this course section, please add a Staff Section Association record to identify the Teacher of Record, or enter a valid NDE Staff ID in the Course Staff ID Override field within the Section record. If you do not intend to use this course section it can be deleted.


In order for a course to be ‘counted’ in ADVISER, both student(s) and a teacher of record are required. This informational error is letting the district know both student(s) and teacher are missing from the course reported into ADVISER.


If the course is reported into ADVISER in error, use your SIS to remove the information. If, after working with your SIS support system, the course cannot be removed from ADVISER, contact the Helpdesk. A programmer from the NDE side may be needed to remove the course information.

If the course reported into ADVISER is accurate and the district wants it to count toward their Instructional Units, use your SIS to report BOTH student(s) and a Teacher of Record information.

Updated on April 11, 2024

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