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802 – Residency Status Code “09” Reported in Invalid District

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A student enrollment was reported with a Residency Status Code of 09 “Ward of the State/Court Assigned to a Residential Setting” (see ADVISER Data Elements for description), but no such residential setting is known to exist by NDE in the reporting district. Please correct the Residency Status Code on this record, or contact the NDE Service Desk to discuss the student’s status.


The definition of Residency Status code 09 -Ward of the State/Court Assigned to a Residential Setting is: Students who have been placed by the state or courts in a residential setting that is not a foster home which is located within the boundaries of a public school district and are enrolled in that district.

To report a student with the “09” Residency Status code, the school district has to be approved by the Nebraska Department of Education. At this time, the reporting school is not approved to use the “09” code. Contact the NDE Service Desk, NDE.ServiceDesk@Nebraska.gov, to discuss the student’s situation and if this code is appropriate for the reporting district.

Note: Residency Status definitions can be found in the ADVISER Data Elements guide for the appropriate school year in the ADVISER Resource website. Systems Involved Student Reporting guidance can also be found at this site and may be of assistance.


If the reporting district would like to be approved to use the “09” code, please contact the NDE Service Desk, NDE.ServiceDesk@Nebraska.gov.

Since the reporting district is not approved to use the “09” code, update the Residency Status to an appropriate code in the SIS and then send into ADVISER.

Updated on April 15, 2024

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