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727 – Retired NDE Student ID Sent to ADVISER

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An NDE Student ID sent to ADVISER is a retired ID.


Sometimes students will end up with multiple state ID numbers. When this happens, any ‘extra’ ID’s are retired. This error is telling the district they used one of these retired ID’s to report the student. This retired ID needs to be switched to the active (or current) ID.


Go to your SIS and search the student. The student is probably associated with the retired ID number. Each SIS processes data into/out of ADVISER differently, so you’ll want to ensure you’re following the process appropriate to your SIS. Remove all the student’s data in ADVISER associated with the retired ID and then send all that same data back into ADVISER using the active (or corrected) ID number.
Another thing the district should do is go into the Person ID collection and ensure the active ID is correct. There may be a need to update the student’s district or resident district information within ADVISER Person ID.

Updated on March 29, 2024

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