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781 – Student Age Out of Expected Range for Grade Level

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The student’s age (determined by the date of birth in ADVISER Person ID) as of 12/31 this school year, is not in the typically expected range of the grade level reported in the student’s ADVISER enrollment record. This data may be valid, so the warning archived or ignored. If the data is incorrect, please update the student’s birth date in ADVISER Person ID or correct the Grade Level reported through your SIS.


The error defines appropriate grade/age ranges as:
Kindergarten – Ages 5 through 7
1st Grade – 6 through 8
2nd – 7 through 9
3rd – 8 through 10
4th – 9 through 11
5th – 10 through 12
6th – 11 through 13
7th – 12 through 14
8th – 13 through 15
9th – 14 through 16
10th – 15 through 17
11th – 16 through 18
12th – 17 through 21


If the student is reported correctly (their age is indeed out of the range listed above), leave the information as is in ADVISER – comment and archive the error, then ignore it. If the student’s date of birth is incorrect, update the information in ADVISER Person ID. If the student grade level is wrong, update your SIS and send the corrected information in ADVISER.

Updated on April 26, 2021

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